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Nelson Dairy Farm

The Nelson Dairy farm in Washington State was homesteaded by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Montague in the late 1890's at which time they established the Montague Dairy.  Ownership changed over time, and the small dairy was later renamed the Nelson Dairy as its business grew into a sizeable operation with up to 120 cows in the 1930's.  The structures at the farm date from the early 1900's except the log cabin added in the 1970's.  The dairy's business began to decline in the 1940's and eventually ceased operation.  Several interesting pieces of machinery used on the pastures and hay fields remain at the farm.

Looking Forward

Today, the 127 acre Nelson Dairy Farm includes a two-story farmhouse, a log cabin, a barn and various outbuildings that are being repurposed to provide unique amenities that will someday include community gardens, gathering places, an event barn and sports amenities.  The farm also includes open pastures, Hay Plain Creek, Forest Creek, and two protected wetlands.  The farm hosts events such as the annual Harvest Festival, hay rides, sleigh rides, and other events and festivals, and as improvements are completed will be able to host meetings and private events, kite flying, bike racing, a casual library, picnic area including BBQ's, outdoor evening theater, winemaker's dinners, classes, and more.

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